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Along with nano technology comes “nano” everything else. And this includes marketing. There are now so many different ways for you to promote your business and get recognized that it’s difficult to know what is necessary and what will just get lost in the consumer shuffle.

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What we consider “nano marketing” is really anything that can advertise your company while going somewhat undetected. As consumers today are being constantly over-stimulated with advertisements, making your ads as noninvasive as possible is key. People don’t want to buy what they think is being pushed on them. This could have something to do with the fact that the average American sees nearly 5,000 advertisements a day according to CBS News.

In order to be incognito with your advertisements, you have to understand how the subconscious mind works. For example, when someone’s television program is disrupted for a steam of commercials, it’s obvious to the viewer that they’re being advertised to. While commercials can be very effective, people’s awareness of the advertisement can simultaneously be a drawback. It’s the “Forbidden Fruit Effect.” You want what you can’t (or aren’t supposed to) have, or at least what isn’t so easy to get.

This is where nano marketing comes into play. One key to nano marketing is building a relationship, and thereby building trust, with consumers. An example of this could be a simple blog post. If someone is posting a “DIY tutorial” for example while also marketing a company, consumers are less likely to be turned-off by the advertisement. This is because they feel as though they are benefiting from that company. And quite frequently, consumers don’t even realize they’re being marketed to in these cases. This is because they’re receiving free help and information which allows the consumer to easily trust your company, and in turn, be more likely to further utilize it’s products or services.

Another example of nano marketing could be wearing your advertisements. Some articles of clothing may be are more obvious than others. For example, a necklace with your logo on it may be more obvious than custom embroidered hats. This is because, while both are technically accessories, a hat is more frequently worn out of necessity. Additionally, hats tend to have some type of logo on it, making it seem to be less of a marketing gimmick. In turn, using a hat to market your company tends to be a good conversation starter.


Hopefully you now have a good idea of “traditional marketing” and “nano marketing.” Utilize these tips to further gain success for yourself and your own business.


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