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Importance of Logos

Logos. It seems so simple, yet companies will spend millions of dollars on collaborative teams logo ideas. While a logo may seem like a nano aspect in branding, it actually is important and when executed properly, can equate to big business.

According to Chron.com, a logo:

“… anchors a company’s brand and becomes the single most visible manifestation of the company within the target market.”


With this being the case, having the right representation of your company through a well-thought out, brand appropriate logo is essential for a successful branding strategy. Once consumers are familiar enough with your signature logo, you’ll be able to use it for standalone marketing.

Essentially, these logos can become the face of your company when used correctly. Imagine how powerful it could be for others to see your logo and already know what it represents and the feelings they have associated with that logo.

Take McDonald’s for instance. When people see those two “Golden Arches,” half may think of road trips, delicious breakfasts and an affordable way to feed the family. Others, however, may think of a corrupt business who uses malpractice and is a factor in the world’s rising obesity statistics. Either way, people recognize and have strong feelings associated with that logo. Whether this is good or bad, it means it worked.

Of course, you want your logo to be associated with good feelings. Being careless with a logo is like playing with fire. This is very important to remember. So while building your brand and beginning to utilize your logo, always remain aware of where your logo is being placed and the way its being represented at all times.


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