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The Gist of Branding

Directed and carefully executed branding is one of the surest ways to gain success in a company. Regardless of your companies size or type, branding is key. It’s through branding that consumers grow to be loyal to your company over any competitors. Your “brand” is what sets you apart in the market and why people will use, share and love your products and services.


While most people are aware of the importance of branding, they’re not necessarily sure of how to have it done properly. This creates additional stress and headaches for those who know what they’re missing. We’ve created a small list of simple ways you can begin taking a closer look at your own business in order to figure out how you want to brand it:

  1. Answer the question, “Who are we?” This is often easier said than done. And usually the challenge is being honest with yourself. There can be a very large difference is “Who we are” vs. “Who we’d like to be.” Once you’re honest with yourself, you realize you either, A) Are on the right track or B) Have somehow strayed off the beaten path. Either way, there’s no reason to fret. Whether you’re on goal or completely off, you can always find ways to get and stay on track.
  2. Know your audience. What messages can you give in order to portray the appropriate tone. What types of philanthropy or moral standards do you need to follow in order to remain credible. If you’re an all organic skin care company, yet you don’t recycle, this could be a problem for your consumers. Know your audience and then determine how to best gain their trust. According to Forbes, this could be the most important step of all.
  3. Which platforms will you use? Based on your audience, where will you be able to reach them most easily? Do they tend to get a lot of their information online? Do they shop at local flea and farmer’s markets? Do they read the newspaper? The options are endless. Do some thorough research and then apply it.
  4. Be that brand. Now is when everything you’ve learned about yourself, your competition and consumers will all be integrated. The more detailed your understanding of all parties, the easier it will be to implement your branding strategies. Now is when you will create a logo that fits your company and create a “voice” or tone for your company. This voice should be incorporated in every aspect of your business, from written communication to visual imagery. Always maintain the voice you want, but keep in mind that this voice could evolve.

Your company as a whole should always be evolving with the market. Pay attention to statistics. These will tell you what works for you brand and what doesn’t. It’s important to always remain open to change as change is also growth.

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